John Lewis Holiday Insurance: Award-Winning Travel Insurance from John Lewis - 20% Discount

John Lewis Holiday Insurance: Award-Winning Travel Insurance from John Lewis - 20% Discount

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Besides being useful for the usual family holidays, or typical trips one might make, the standard cover provided by John Lewis Travel Insurance, and unlike some other holiday insurance policies, John Lewis Travel Insurance - both Single Trip and Annual Multi-Trip Cover - will also automatically provide cover if you are away from home on a business-related trip.

If being used for business, then John Lewis Travel Insurance also provides cover for your laptop. However, if, like many people, you carry several different gadgets, then optional John Lewis Technology Cover allows you to increase the cover on your valuables to £1,500 to protect all of them. The Technology Cover provides protection for: Computer equipment; Audio and visual equipment; Photographic equipment; Sports equipment; and also Watches.

The countries in which you will be covered with John Lewis Travel Insurance will depend on the level of cover you have chosen, and this could be either: European Cover; Worldwide Cover; or Worldwide and US Cover.

Besides all the helpful advice available on the John Lewis Travel Insurance website, John Lewis also provide a Travel Advice Line, available both before, and during, your trip. The Travel Advice Line can be invaluable, and can answer all kinds of questions, such as those about visa requirements, or health issues, questions about lost tickets, and much more.

With some insurance companies you often seem to end up paying for more than you need, for options you don't want, and products that often don't seem to be quite as advertised.

With John Lewis Travel Insurance you'll get no problems like that; instead, with John Lewis Travel Insurance, you're more likely to be surprised at how much insurance cover is offered at such an affordable price.

However, while affordability is no doubt important, good customer service and the ability to easily make an insurance claim if it's necessary should also be top of your list when looking to buy Holiday Insurance: we're pleased to say, however, that John Lewis Travel Insurance always rates highly on each.

So, whether you're taking a short trip or long trip; multiple trips, or just your single annual holiday, John Lewis Travel Insurance is well worth taking a look at, and we highly recommend you obtaining a free John Lewis Travel Insurance quote to compare against other holiday insurance; we think you'll be glad you did!

If you travel more than once a year then John Lewis Travel Insurance may be a good choice for you, and save you money; with John Lewis Annual Holiday Insurance you're covered throughout the year, wherever your trips may take you.

With John Lewis Travel Insurance you are covered for a single trip up to six months, while Annual Multi-Trip Holiday Insurance from John Lewis covers multiple trips throughout the year of up to thirty-one days.

For the specific details of cover with each John Lewis Travel Insurance policy you should check the John Lewis Insurance website, suffice to say that each policy offers generous insurance cover, and is easily comparable to other, more expensive, holiday insurance from other companies.

If you enjoy going on winter ski holidays then John Lewis Travel Insurance also offers optional Winter Sports Cover to help cover the inherent risks associated with snow and ice activities: for just a little extra money, Winter Sports Cover can provide an lot of extra peace of mind.

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