John Lewis Holiday Insurance: Travel Insurance Comparison - Save on Holiday Insurance with John Lewis

John Lewis Holiday Insurance: Travel Insurance Comparison - Save on Holiday Insurance with John Lewis

John Lewis Travel Insurance Official Website:

No matter where you're travelling, or what your specific needs are, there's a very good chance that John Lewis Travel Insurance will provide the holiday insurance cover you need at an affordable price.

Remember too, that unlike some smaller Holiday Insurance companies, when you purchase John Lewis Travel Insurance then you'll have access to easy assistance with any problems you may encounter - invaluable if you run into emergency problems on your trip.

The John Lewis Travel Insurance website also has a very helpful section of frequently asked questions which will answer most, if not all, of the queries you may have, but the John Lewis Travel Insurance telephone helpline is also available should you have other questions regarding John Lewis Travel Insurance.

Downloadable John Lewis Travel Insurance policy documents which provide even greater detail about Single Trip Insurance and Annual Multi-trip Insurance from John Lewis Travel Insurance are also freely available from the John Lewis Travel Insurance website.

With John Lewis Travel Insurance you can choose between several holiday insurance options, including: Single Trip Holiday Insurance for one-off holidays and Annual Holiday Insurance if you travel more frequently.

John Lewis Travel Insurance provides a comprehensive range of standard cover for travellers and, offer three levels of holiday insurance cover, namely: Essential Cover; Plus Cover; and Premier Cover - each of which offers value-for-money cover, but with the Premier Cover offering additional benefits.

John Lewis Travel Insurance customers can also save 20% on the cost of their policy by purchasing their holiday insurance from John Lewis online.

Besides being useful for the usual family holidays, or typical trips one might make, the standard cover provided by John Lewis Travel Insurance, and unlike some other holiday insurance policies, John Lewis Travel Insurance - both Single Trip and Annual Multi-Trip Cover - will also automatically provide cover if you are away from home on a business-related trip.

If being used for business, then John Lewis Travel Insurance also provides cover for your laptop. However, if, like many people, you carry several different gadgets, then optional John Lewis Technology Cover allows you to increase the cover on your valuables to £1,500 to protect all of them. The Technology Cover provides protection for: Computer equipment; Audio and visual equipment; Photographic equipment; Sports equipment; and also Watches.

The countries in which you will be covered with John Lewis Travel Insurance will depend on the level of cover you have chosen, and this could be either: European Cover; Worldwide Cover; or Worldwide and US Cover.

Besides all the helpful advice available on the John Lewis Travel Insurance website, John Lewis also provide a Travel Advice Line, available both before, and during, your trip. The Travel Advice Line can be invaluable, and can answer all kinds of questions, such as those about visa requirements, or health issues, questions about lost tickets, and much more.

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