John Lewis Insurance: Motor Insurance with John Lewis Car Insurance, UK - Enjoy Big Savings with John Lewis Car Insurance

John Lewis Insurance: Motor Insurance with John Lewis Car Insurance, UK - Enjoy Big Savings with John Lewis Motor Insurance

John Lewis Motor Insurance Official Website:

John Lewis Motor Insurance offers customers high-quality motor insurance cover with first-class service and value-for-money, no matter what model of car you own, although at the John Lewis Motor Insurance website you'll also find pages dedicated to: Audi Motor Insurance; BMW Motor Insurance; Ford Motor Insurance; Land Rover Motor Insurance; Mini Motor Insurance; Renault Motor Insurance; Toyota Motor Insurance; Vauxhall Motor Insurance; and Volkswagen Motor Insurance.

However, John Lewis Motor Insurance has great motor insurance for you regardless of your make and model of car, and you'll find few of the major Motor Insurance companies offering similar features as standard, in the way that John Lewis Motor Insurance does.

In fact you can even download and review John Lewis motor insurance policy documents before you purchase John Lewis Motor Insurance if you wish to; you'll also find a number of other useful motor insurance related documentation too, along with motor insurance video guides as well.

If all of this sounds as if it makes purchasing motor insurance a bit too easy, then you'd be right: purchasing John Lewis Motor Insurance really is very simple.

Besides all of the features which come standard with John Lewis Motor Insurance, there are also a number of optional features you can add to your John Lewis Motor Insurance too. These include:

* Legal Protection
* Car Breakdown Cover
* Excess Protection
* Protected No Claims Discount

Additionally, with the Car Breakdown cover, you can also select between several options, including: Roadside Rescue; Home Rescue (includes roadside rescue, and also provides cover if your car breaks down at home); and European Rescue. The European Rescue is the most comprehensive of the breakdown options, and also includes a caravan and trailer service plus money towards alternative transportation or accommodation.

If you have any questions about John Lewis Motor Insurance then there is a page at the John Lewis Motor Insurance website dedicated solely to frequently asked motor insurance questions; however, you can also easily contact John Lewis if you have other questions, either by telephone or by e-mail.

A free, no-obligation quote is available from the John Lewis Motor Insurance in just a couple of minutes; all you need to have available are:

* Your basic details, such as name and address, your marital status and contact details.
* The same basic details about any other drivers you would like included on your policy.
* The registration plate number of your car (from which John Lewis can figure out the model and year).
* An estimated value of your vehicle.
* The month and year in which you bought your car.
* Whether your car has been fitted with a security device, such as an alarm or tracking device.
* The type of motor insurance cover you would like and the purpose your car is used for.
* Driving incidents, within past five years, you or other drivers on the policy had to claim for.
* Information about any recent driving convictions (within past five years) is also necessary.

Once you have obtained your motor insurance quote, which happens very speedily, then you can also store it on the John Lewis Motor Insurance website for future retrieval, giving you the opportunity to compare with motor insurance elsewhere before deciding.

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