John Lewis Motor Insurance: Buy Car Insurance from John Lewis - No Claims Discount of up to 75%

John Lewis Car Insurance: Buy Car Insurance from John Lewis - No Claims Discount of up to 75%

John Lewis Motor Insurance Official Website:

No longer just the purveyor of top quality home goods, John Lewis & Partners now offers many other services too, including John Lewis Motor Insurance and John Lewis Home Insurance, to name just a couple.

With John Lewis Motor Insurance you'll enjoy the same type of quality product that you will with anything else you purchase from John Lewis & Partners; offering value-for-money, along with excellent car insurance coverage, you'll find that John Lewis Motor Insurance compares very favourably to policies from other, possibly better-known, car insurance companies.

If you're a careful driver then, with John Lewis Motor Insurance, you can also enjoy your just rewards, with John Lewis Motor Insurance offering a no claims discount of up to 75%. In most cases John Lewis Motor Insurance will also give you the option of protecting your no claims discount.

Aside from all of the useful car insurance information at the John Lewis Motor Insurance website, you'll also find some really helpful articles about car insurance and motoring in general.

You can find articles such as: Tips on driving abroad; No Claims Discount; Top tips - Comparing insurance providers; Tips on buying a second hand car; Protecting against car identity theft; and many more as well. There is also a useful Car Insurance glossary on the John Lewis Motor Insurance website to help explain many of the confusing terms which are often thrown around in reference to car insurance.

Aside from the cost of your car insurance and the benefits it provides, it's also pretty helpful to know how to make a claim if you need to, as well; rest assured, however, that making a claim with John Lewis Motor Insurance is as simple as making a phone call; John Lewis really do go the extra mile to ensure a smooth claims process, and keep you informed all the way through the claim. Additionally, and unlike most other car insurance companies, John Lewis also provide a replacement vehicle for up to three weeks in the event that your own car is either written-off or stolen.

Besides all of the features which come standard with John Lewis Motor Insurance, there are also a number of optional features you can add to your John Lewis Motor Insurance too. These include:

* Legal Protection
* Car Breakdown Cover
* Excess Protection
* Protected No Claims Discount

Additionally, with the Car Breakdown cover, you can also select between several options, including: Roadside Rescue; Home Rescue (includes roadside rescue, and also provides cover if your car breaks down at home); and European Rescue. The European Rescue is the most comprehensive of the breakdown options, and also includes a caravan and trailer service plus money towards alternative transportation or accommodation.

If you have any questions about John Lewis Motor Insurance then there is a page at the John Lewis Motor Insurance website dedicated solely to frequently asked car insurance questions; however, you can also easily contact John Lewis if you have other questions, either by telephone or by e-mail.

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