AA Motorcycle Insurance ~ Motorcycle Insurance from AA Insurance: Get a Free Motorcycle Insurance Quote

AA Motorcycle Insurance ~ Motorcycle Insurance from AA Insurance: Get a Free Motorcycle Insurance Quote

AA Motorcycle Insurance Official Website:   http://www.theaa.com/insurance/

With a wide range of motorcycles covered, including touring bikes, mopeds, superbikes and scooters, AA Motorcycle Insurance is the ideal insurance to make sure your pride and joy is properly insured.

With a great deal for you - AA getting the best insurance price from a panel of leading insurers - plus the ability to transfer no-claims discounts from other insurers, AA Motorcycle Insurance offers more choices, and better value, than almost any other motorcycle insurance.

You can also tailor the motorcycle insurance to meet your specific needs, and if you happen to have more than one motorcycle then no problem - multi-bike insurance policies are also available with AA Motorcycle Insurance.

The standard AA Motorcycle Insurance offered by AA is at least as comprehensive as many similar sorts of motorcycle insurance, and definitely compares favourably in terms of price, but there are other, very affordable, optional extras which you can also choose to purchase for your motorcycle insurance from AA. These include: legal expenses; helmet and leathers cover; and personal accident cover.

The legal expenses cover offers up to £100,000 in legal costs for chasing losses that are not insured under your regular motorcycle insurance policy. For example, if you were to be involved an accident that was not your fault, you would want to claim back your excess fee and any other costs, (e.g. replacement hire), from the driver who was at fault. This is where the legal expenses cover would help; (the recovery of these costs would maintain your no-claims discount).

The optional helmet and leathers cover from AA offers insurance cover against losing or damaging your motorcycle clothing in the event you're involved in a motorcycle accident.

The personal accident cover, also an optional extra, offers up to £25,000 in financial help if you happen to be seriously injured in a motorcycle accident or a road-rage assault when you are driving your motorcycle.

There are lots of motorcycle insurance companies out there, and more policies than you can rev your engine at, but they're certainly far from being all the same. We're confident that AA Motorcycle Insurance comes close to offering both the best motorcycle insurance cover and the best value for money, but if you see cheaper policies then be sure that you're comparing like-for-like.

For example, if you are looking at insurance quotes with similar prices then also make sure you compare the excess fees that apply to each of the policies: if you find a very cheap policy, then there's a good chance that the policy has a high excess charge as well (i.e. meaning that you'll end up paying more of the costs in the event of an accident than a policy with a lower excess fee).

Also, it's useful to study the benefits or options an insurance policy offers, and figure out exactly what you need cover for. If, for example, you decide you need cover for potential injuries you may suffer in a motorcycle accident then you should look for a motorcycle insurance policy offering personal accident cover. Or, maybe if you are interested in taking your motorcycle touring in Europe, then look for an insurance policy which extends your insurance cover to the European Union for the time you need.

If you're interested in other insurance products, besides motorcycle insurance, then there's more than a good chance that AA can help with those too; offering everything from Pet Insurance to Caravan Insurance, Home Insurance - and just about everything in between - AA offers some top quality insurance products at very reasonable prices.

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