AA Home Emergency Insurance - Home Emergency Cover and Boiler Protection for your Home

AA Home Emergency Insurance - Home Emergency Cover and Boiler Protection for your Home

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There are several different options/products available from AA Home Emergency Insurance; the namesake Home Emergency Response from AA covers a whole range of common home emergency problems, and is available for just pennies a day.

Examples of some common home emergencies that are covered with AA Home Emergency Response include: Uncontrollable leaks from a burst pipe or water tank; Blocked or collapsed drains; Suddenly having no usable toilet in your home; Losing the power supply to your home; Being locked out due to stolen, lost or broken keys; Broken windows or door locks which make your home insecure; A wasp or hornet nest within or attached to your home; and more.

Of course, with issues like these then speed is often of the essense, and AA Home Emergency Response always try to get a qualified engineer to your home as quickly as possible, to limit any further damage to your property.

Several companies offer Home Emergency Response products, but few have the affordability and features offered by AA Home Emergency Insurance. Signing up for AA Home Emergency Insurance is also cheaper for AA members, so if you already have other AA products, such as Motor Insurance for example, then you will also enjoy cheaper AA Home Emergency Insurance.

Features included with AA Home Emergency Insurance include: 24/7 helpline, 365 days a year; Skilled tradesmen to handle your emergency; Unlimited claims, up to £2,000 per claim; No call-out fee or extra charges for parts and labour; plus, with AA Rewards, you can also take advantage of exclusive AA discounts and access to special events.

So, take the stress out of household emergencies with AA Home Emergency Response, which covers a range of unexpected problems, including burst water pipes, window damage, gas supply failure, blocked drains, electrical failures, wasp nest removal and lost keys, to name just some.

With AA Home Emergency Insurance you can get insurance cover for the most common home emergencies. You can get 24/7 help from skilled tradesmen every day of the year, with unlimited call outs and no parts or labour charges.

AA Home Emergency Insurance is, thus, quite different from House Insurance (e.g. AA Home Insurance), which provides insurance for your home and contents, such as if they were damaged in a fire, or by flooding, for example.

When you have AA Home Emergency Response you can enjoy the comfort of knowing that in the event of common home emergencies - no matter what time of day, or day of the week - AA Home Emergency Cover will have skilled tradesmen on hand to quickly help you.

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